Scarab is an infant Seiki. He has yellow skin, pale yellow eyes, and slightly lighter yellow antennae.

     Scarab is very needy and often wants attention. He cries the most out of his siblings. Scarab is very affectionate and often wants to cuddle with his parents and is usually found snuggling his siblings. He is attached to the caterpillar plushie gifted to them and tends to calm down when placed on it. Scarab has a very large appetite and would overeat when given the chance, and sometimes cries when he finishes his food and still wants more. Scarab is known to cause trouble for his sisters, often waking them up at night or accidentally upsetting them.


     Scarab was born to Mae and Joel alongside Bea and Lana on October 30th, nine days after Mae’s birthday. Scarab was the third to hatch, making him the youngest sibling. He was one of the only three eggs that hatched, when the litter contained five eggs. Two of the five eggs ended up not hatching, making Scarab’s hatching day both the day their three beloved children were born and the day two of their children passed. This event was especially traumatic for Scarab’s mother, Mae.



     Mae is Scarab’s mother. She dotes on him when she recognizes he wants attention. Scarab is a bit closer to Mae than he is with Joel.


     Joel is Scarab’s father. Joel has a harder time calming down Scarab than Mae does.


     Bea is Scarab’s oldest sister. He’s affectionate towards her and they get along fairly well, but she tends to play a little too roughly for him, often making him cry.


     Lana is Scarab’s older sister. He is affectionate towards her and they get along fairly well.


     Jeremiah gifted Mae and Joel a caterpillar plushie to give to their litter once they were born, which Scarab became especially attached to. Scarab is always very calm when being held by Jeremiah and seems to really like him, much to the surprise of both Jeremiah and Scarab’s parents.


Mae and Friends Zine

     Scarab appears in the background of Joel’s poem.


Character Songs

A character song is a song that fits a character or has inspired aspects of the character and their story


  • Scarab is named after the beetle, but is specifically named after the similarly yellow/golden colored scarab from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
  • Scarab and his siblings had concepts for older designs (8 years old), but these concepts remain on hold and are currently being unused.
  • In Scarab’s older design, he wore a bandanna around his head and one around his neck. The one around his neck was meant to mimic Jeremiah whom he greatly admired, and he was very attached to the caterpillar plushie Jeremiah gave him and his siblings when they were born. His personality was outspoken and emotional, often bursting out feelings before thinking. He was friends with the older version of Dolly and Anthony’s son Job.