Bea is an infant Seiki. She has dark pink skin, blue eyes with purple eyelashes, and beige antennae.

     Bea has a strong and wild personality, and was loud from the moment she was born. Despite only being a baby she manages to cause mischief, including grabbing and pulling on people’s antennae and getting into things she’s not supposed to. Bea enjoys playing and is very energetic.

     Bea’s favorite food is peanut butter.


     Bea was born to Mae and Joel alongside Lana and Scarab on October 30th, nine days after Mae’s birthday. Bea was the first to hatch, making her the oldest out of her siblings. She was one of the only three eggs that hatched, when the litter contained five eggs. Two of the five eggs ended up not hatching, making Bea’s hatching day both the day their three beloved children were born and the day two of their children passed. This event was especially traumatic for Bea’s mother, Mae.



     Mae is Bea’s mother. Bea is a bit closer to Mae than she is with Joel.


     Joel is Bea’s father. Joel has a harder time managing Bea than Mae does.


     Lana is Bea’s younger sister. They get along fairly well. Lana is much calmer than Bea and doesn’t join in as often when playing.


     Scarab is Bea’s youngest brother. He’s affectionate towards her and they get along fairly well. Bea tends to play a little too roughly for Scarab.


Mae and Friends Zine

     Bea appeared in the background of Joel’s poem.


Character Songs

A character song is a song that fits a character or has inspired aspects of the character and their story


  • Bea was named after a friend of the author, being a shortened version of “Beatrice.”
  • Bea and her siblings had concepts for older designs (8 years old), but these concepts remain on hold and are currently being unused.
  • In Bea’s older design, she wore a long purple scarf, similar to Mae’s in color, and similar to Ruben’s in shape and how it dragged alone the ground. Bea was easily excitable and ambitious, and eager to follow in her mom’s footsteps. She was often mean to Scarab, and acted as the leader of the three siblings.
  • In this older concept art she’s often depicting either a stick or a training staff, often being reckless and playful in trying to recreate her mother’s sword skills. She was close friends with the older version of Dolly and Anthony’s daughter Maggie.