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The first official manga pages I’m releasing!! These are from “Mae and Friends,” a short manga to be released full of short and separate chapters alongside the launch of the Kingdoms of Seasons website!

This one is titled “Magic,” where Joel writes a poem about his wife <3

Timeline for Mae and the Kingdoms of Seasons


Concept art of organizing the series of events.

I made a simple timeline for my universe!

The past era is when Ruben and Asha were alive, and when the kingdom was open and seiki would travel around the forest. This era ends when Ruben dies and the kingdom closes off.

The current era is when the main story takes place! Ruben is back as a cockroach, the plague attacks all for kingdoms, and Mae is sent out on her journey.

The new era begins at the end of the main story when the seiki open their kingdom again! The post-story and everything beyond takes place in this new era.

A Day Getting Groceries


This piece was made to convey the more domestic side of life is like for these forest spirits, outside of going on a perilous adventure in the forest. In the foreground I have my characters with their family buying food. They may be mythical-like creatures, but they have to go to the store to pick up groceries just like we do! I also took this as an opportunity to do some worldbuilding through the variety of foods available to buy on the shelves. I thought about what these creatures would eat, and how they’d be similar and different to our food. While making this piece I thought of the habit of mind “stretch and explore,” since this piece involves both perspective and drawing many objects such as jars and bags, both of which I struggle with.

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