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Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 23


Manny – He’s one of the rookies in Noble’s guard, he’s always idolized him and always wants to be around him. He’s very excitable, but also gets jealous of those who get to spend time with Noble… Manny is straight. Definitely. No homo. maybe. (he doesn’t know it but he’s not)

Mesmiralda – A high-ranking Hachitsu who has a LOT of money and some political influence. She’s a landlord and owns various buildings and plots of land, including Marvin’s parents’ house. Her family also owns store chains and an amusement park. She’s rather laid back, but is always interested in gaining more profit. Her husband is Gerald, and her son, Laurence, was Marvin’s bully growing up and the one that cost him his college scholarship.

Cerys – Cerys is a somewhat eccentric woman that runs a matchmaking business in the Seiki Kingdom. In fact, she goes by the name “Ms. Matchmaker” when working. Cerys whole heartedly believes that there is someone out there for everyone, and that she can help you find them. She loves shades of red and pink, and owns many heart-themed decor. She is very confident in herself and her work and even sells a book she wrote on the topic. She is the one that introduced David to Lacey when Lacey came to her to find a match to help her start a family.

Ned – Ned was Lacey’s piano teacher when she was in middle school. He’s friendly and makes plenty of dad jokes.

Crow – Crow is Ned’s son! He is the only boy, having four sisters. He had a crush on Lacey and would see her during her piano lessons, but they both went to different schools.

Nora – The first of Silvanna’s maids who helped raise Dolly and her sisters. She was the one who unfortunately witnessed Silvanna attempt to kill her children shortly after their birth. Since then, Nora has been uncomfortable working in the house and just does her job while avoiding interaction. Nora also happens to be one of Niels’s oldest sisters.

Leona – The second of Silvanna’s maids who helped raise Dolly and her sisters. She does most of the cooking and is quite good at it. She snaps at the children when they get in the way of her work. Leona also dislikes Reginald and Silvanna and will often complain about them with Scarlet.

April – The third of Silvanna’s maids who helped raise Dolly and her sisters. She is pretty unamused and bored, often getting lost in thought. She feels neutral towards everyone in the house, but she’s always tired and just wants to go home.

Scarlet – The fourth of Silvanna’s maids who helped raise Dolly and her sisters. She dislikes everyone in the house, including Dolly and her sisters. She’s rather grumpy unless she’s in front of Reginald or Silvanna, then she puts on her customer service smile.

The Flight Range (unfinished)


unfinished concept art of a Seiki flight range! Seiki have designated places for learning how to fly, or just a place to work out their wings or just to fly around and have fun! This is probably one of the most prominent ones- a massive flight range taking the form of a large and deep hole in a cliffside. There are spiral stairs along the walls reaching all the way to the floor, and the walls are lined with little shops and cafes. The top of the hole has an outdoor area with a deck and tables, as well as storage lockers and diving boards. Seiki can walk down the stairs to choose what height they want to jump off at. Smaller heights are usually for younger Seiki who are just learning, and jumping off at the top is for those who are experienced and more acrobatic, like Mae! Mae was taken to this particular location a lot as a child. Her wings developed early, and she got very good at flying at a young age.

Jeremiah Meets Fudge (unfinished)


Unfinished comic about Jeremiah meeting Fudge, his first “relationship.” They met right after Ruben’s plague came through the Seiki Kingdom and destroyed everyone’s houses. She was the first person he ever slept with.

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