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Four species of forest spirits- the Seiki, Kitsuga, Hachitsu, and Kameshi– were all created by the Gods to protect the forest, each species representing one season. These tiny, bug-like creatures live out regular, domestic lives… that is, until disaster strikes! After suffering a devastating attack, Mae is forced to leave and get help from the other three kingdoms of seasons, making her the first to leave the Seiki kingdom in over 200 years. Saving the forest from destruction makes her a hero… but at what cost, and what comes after?

The story of Mae and many others unfold within this whimsical and dangerous world as they deal with oppression, growing up, building relationships, and creating a found family.

Here on this site you can find all artwork, world building, info on each character, merchandise, and most importantly- the books!

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*The stories of Mae and the Kingdoms of Seasons can get intense and may cover potentially triggering topics. Content warnings are provided when appropriate.

The content both on this site and within the books is targeted towards young adults and is not suitable for children.