Collection: Zines

Release Date: 7/8/22

Main Characters: Thatcher, Elise, Mae, Joel

Medium: Ink and Screentones

Previous Book: N/A

Next Book: N/A

Page Count: 16

Content Warnings: Threats of Physical Harm, Abuse

     This zine is a combination of two short comics; "So, You Want to be a Maid?" and "Magic."

     The first comic paints a picture of what it's like working as a maid in the Seiki kingdom. There, lower class women didn't have many options for work, so they'd usually end up being the help for higher class Seiki. Unfortunately, Elise has to resort to responding to an ad for a maid position under Thatcher, but the job is oppressive- and even dangerous.

     The second comic features a loving poem Joel wrote about his wife, Mae.

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