Elise is a short light purple Seiki with purple eyes and eyelashes with slightly lighter purple antennae.

     Elise is noticeably timid and quiet. She works as Thatcher’s maid, and never speaks to him unless spoken to. She is wary of new people and often forgets to speak to them, usually responding with fear when spoken to.

     Elise used to be more confident before starting her job with Thatcher.


     Elise responded to a job ad for an open live-in maid position posted by Thatcher’s parents. Shortly after Thatcher’s graduation she was “gifted” to him as congratulations. Elise was initially thrilled to work for somebody so well-liked and famous within the community, but soon discovered that behind the scenes he was violent and manipulative. The room given to her to live in was a barely cleared out closet, and she was expected to work with little rest and no days off. Thatcher would become aggressive when she made little mistakes and would scare her by throwing things and punching the walls. She quickly became terrified of him and tried to do her job as quickly and quietly as possible. Thatcher threatened to kill her if she told anybody about what went on inside the house.

     When Thatcher first brought Asha home Elise was immediately worried for her. Elise wanted to warn her but was scared of the consequences. Instead she gave Asha a worried look, which prompted slight suspicion from Asha. When Asha saw Thatcher treating her rudely, her discomfort grew.

     Elise watched quietly as she witnessed the abuse going on in the house, and how Asha’s physical and mental health were declining. Elise cared about Asha and was incredibly disturbed at how Thatcher was hurting her, but was still too scared to speak up. Elise would attempt to help Asha out in small ways when they were alone together. Elise was distraught when Asha died.

     Elise was left to raise Asha’s children after her passing. Unfortunately, the four children grew up to be entitled and cruel due to Thatcher’s influence. Despite being the one who raised them, they treated her as beneath them and were mean to her. Amber however, Asha’s youngest daughter, wouldn’t join in and would just watch her siblings berate Elise. Since Amber was the youngest daughter, Elise eventually carried out Asha’s wish by giving her Asha’s letter. When Thatcher found out he convinced Amber that the letter meant nothing since Asha was crazy.

     After years of living in a household that constantly abused, overworked, and dismissed her, Elise finally quit. Thatcher threatened to ruin her reputation in the maid community if she did so that she wouldn’t be able to find work elsewhere, but she quit anyway. Thatcher followed through on his threat and Elise was unable to work as a maid for anybody else afterwards. Elise suffers trauma from her treatment and the things she witnessed working for Thatcher.




Timber, Alex, and Nadia





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