Mae is a short hot pink Seiki with purple eyes and eyelashes and light yellow antennae. Mae has an affinity for scarves as they help her feel more secure. Until high school, she wore a long white and blue striped scarf which she was greatly attached to. Upon her graduation on The Holiday, Joel gifted Mae her signature purple scarf which she is almost never seen without.


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Character Songs

A character song is a song that fits a character or has inspired aspects of the character and their story

  • Momotaro – Wednesday Campanella, About how Mae did not want to go on her journey but was forced to, and ended up growing from it. It’s her hero’s journey.
  • Zephyrus – The Oh Hellos
  • Lifeboat – Heathers, Taking place shortly after being forced to leave on her journey, Mae recounts the terrifying feeling of being singled out and thrust into danger.
  • Me and My Husband – Mitski, Mae struggles through a disconnect with her husband Joel after losing her eggs, but tries to settle into a domestic role to forget about it all.


  • Mae’s name was named after the author’s middle name, and the character was originally more of a self-insert but since developed into her own character.
  • Beverly and Diana planned to name her Jayden if she was born a boy, which keeps the middle name motif as that is the middle name of the author’s brother.
  • Mae’s story was inspired by the struggle to transition between high school and college.
  • Mae’s bright pink color was a planned choice. Since feminine associated things are often rejected by young girls to avoid seeming “weak,” Mae and many other characters and aspects of the world are bold and pink as a means of reclaiming femininity, just to encourage people to enjoy whatever they want no matter how “girly” it may be.
  • Mae, and the entirety of the world, started out as an AU of Nintendo’s Pikmin series. Mae was originally drawn as a winged pikmin wearing a purple scarf and then later developed into an original character.
  • In the very first concepts of Kingdoms of Seasons, Mae was planned to be completely nonverbal, and her love interest was supposed to be the kingdom’s queen. The queen character was then reworked into the very different Queen Dahlia.
  • In this original concept, Mae was also planned to rescue a baby crow, which after reaching adulthood would allow her to ride on its back to travel around the forest quickly. The crow was drawn only two to three times, and was a female named Brethilda.