unfinished concept art of a Seiki flight range! Seiki have designated places for learning how to fly, or just a place to work out their wings or just to fly around and have fun! This is probably one of the most prominent ones- a massive flight range taking the form of a large and deep hole in a cliffside. There are spiral stairs along the walls reaching all the way to the floor, and the walls are lined with little shops and cafes. The top of the hole has an outdoor area with a deck and tables, as well as storage lockers and diving boards. Seiki can walk down the stairs to choose what height they want to jump off at. Smaller heights are usually for younger Seiki who are just learning, and jumping off at the top is for those who are experienced and more acrobatic, like Mae! Mae was taken to this particular location a lot as a child. Her wings developed early, and she got very good at flying at a young age.