Lana is an infant Seiki. She has light purple skin, pale yellow eyes and eyelashes, and light pink antennae. She was born with proppennae (the condition in which a Seiki is born with their antennae abnormally close together) which she inherited from her father. This gives her slight sensory issues. Lana is the runt in her litter, making her much smaller and frailer than her siblings.

     Lana is very quiet compared to her siblings, crying the least and sleeping the most. She’s a bit sickly and often needs extra care and attention. She’s very calm and struggles to keep up with her siblings.


    Lana was born to Mae and Joel alongside Bea and Scarab on October 30th, nine days after Mae’s birthday. Lana was the second to hatch, making her the middle sibling. She was one of the only three eggs that hatched, when the litter contained five eggs. Two of the five eggs ended up not hatching, making Lana’s hatching day both the day their three beloved children were born and the day two of their children passed. This event was especially traumatic for Lana’s mother, Mae.

     Lana suffers from a poor immune system due to her being the runt. She requires extra attention and care from her parents, being fed special fortified formula and getting extra exercise. Around a month and a half after her birth, Lana became extremely sick and took a while to recover.



     Mae is Lana’s mother. Mae often fusses and worries about her. Lana enjoys snuggling up close with her.


     Joel is Lana’s father. She tends to be calmer when around Joel than with Mae.


     Bea is Lana’s older sister. Lana can’t keep up with Bea when playing and often gets upset when Bea plays roughly.


     Scarab is Lana’s younger brother. He’s affectionate towards her and they get along fairly well.


Mae and Friends Zine

     Lana appeared in the background of Joel’s poem.


Character Songs

A character song is a song that fits a character or has inspired aspects of the character and their story


  • Lana was originally a peach-pink color, a combination of Mae’s pink and Joel’s yellow. She was then changed to purple to represent Asha’s ancestry.
  • Lana and her siblings had concepts for older designs (8 years old), but these concepts remain on hold and are currently being unused.
  • In her older design, Lana was still the smallest of the three children. She became interested in art and wanted to share stories and concepts the way her father did except through visual art rather than writing. She wore a light purple headband with a bow on it, meant to mimic Joel’s headband. She was the most quiet and timid of the three siblings and rarely spoke.
  • Lana was named after a young camper the author used to be a counselor for.