*This short film was nominated for the Northern Illinois Art ConnectEd regional competition in the time arts category!

This short film revolves around my story “Mae and the Kingdoms of Seasons.” In the story, Mae is forced to be the first person to leave her kingdom after two decades after a devastating attack, when she is sent out to find help. Mae is a young and anxious girl, and this journey out in the forest is her first taste of being on her own. The Holiday Song is a lullaby about The Holiday, the day when students graduate and go to live on their own. In the short film Mae’s mother sings it to her to calm her anxiety over the storm outside. Then, Mae sings it herself when she’s finally on her own facing her fears. By singing the lullaby she’s remembering her family back home, and finding strength to keep going. I feel that color is an essential part of animation composition and that backgrounds can help make a scene feel more three dimensional. Therefore, in this project I mainly challenged myself to use colors effectively, as well as create backgrounds suitable for animation.