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Beverly’s Care


Beverly being a very loving mother to Mae <3 (maybe just a little over-bearing). She was very very excited for Mae having her own kids!

Diana is also here (Mae’s other mom), I need to draw them more.

Maps from Mae and the Kingdoms of Seasons


For a recent school project we had to make a book, so I made a collection of maps and floor plans from Kingdoms of Seasons! Each map has an explanation to go with it as to how it’s unique and how they reflect each character.

You can find the PDF here. It’s 22 pages!

Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 13


New characters and designs!!

The first two are Beverly and Diana when they were in high


Kafi is a castle maid that Cedar had a brief relationship with. She left him because he was mean, and he fired her.

Reddy and Pippi are class pets that Joel and Jeremiah had in their elementary school, but they didn’t stick around too long.

Designs for the current royal family as babies.



Get yourself a partner who’s strong enough to pick you up~

Here’s a bit of Beverly and Diana when they were younger!

Asha’s Lineage


The story of Asha’s lineage told in a piece! It’s meant to work in somewhat of a circle. It starts in the top left with Asha and Ruben, then moves to Asha and Thatcher, then the line of her youngest daughters. Each of the youngest daughters are holding the letter Asha passed down to them, but you can see by their facial expressions that they’re unhappy about it, showing that Asha’s presence in her family is waning. It moves to Tate and Lisa, Mae’s biological family, and finally at the bottom right Mae is being adopted out to Beverly and Diana. In the foreground is Mae as she is now! Growing up and on her journey. Asha, as a ghost, is watching her, which connects it back to the beginning. The flowers in the background are delphinium, the flower Seiki use to decorate on The Holiday.

The Holiday Song (video)


*This short film was nominated for the Northern Illinois Art ConnectEd regional competition in the time arts category!

This short film revolves around my story “Mae and the Kingdoms of Seasons.” In the story, Mae is forced to be the first person to leave her kingdom after two decades after a devastating attack, when she is sent out to find help. Mae is a young and anxious girl, and this journey out in the forest is her first taste of being on her own. The Holiday Song is a lullaby about The Holiday, the day when students graduate and go to live on their own. In the short film Mae’s mother sings it to her to calm her anxiety over the storm outside. Then, Mae sings it herself when she’s finally on her own facing her fears. By singing the lullaby she’s remembering her family back home, and finding strength to keep going. I feel that color is an essential part of animation composition and that backgrounds can help make a scene feel more three dimensional. Therefore, in this project I mainly challenged myself to use colors effectively, as well as create backgrounds suitable for animation. 

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