Concept art for Mae’s biological family, including Lisa, Tate, Ollie, Finn, Fox, and Cecil.

Here’s Mae’s biological family! Mae has two moms, so she was adopted. Same-sex couples adopting is a very controversial topic for the seiki, so Beverly and Diana were rejected many, many times, and their neighborhood started to be nasty to them about it. Tate and Lisa heard about them, and having just had a nest of seven eggs, decided to let them adopt one of their eggs. Tate and Lisa are the kind of people that would enthusiastically volunteer to help out with their community and are always kind to their neighbors; just great people over all! They felt that since they were blessed with seven eggs (which is a rather large nest), they should help another couple become parents, too. As an egg, Mae was raised with the rest of the nest, since the eggs need to stay together in order to hatch. There was a red cloth under her to signify that this was the egg they were giving away. Beverly and Diana would routinely visit Tate and Lisa and their nest, to be present the most they could in raising the nest. Beverly chose the name “Mae” if it hatched to be a girl, and Diana chose “Jaiden” if it ended up a boy. In the end, Mae hatched being the youngest of the five, and the only girl. The two couples decided that it would be best to completely part ways from that point, raising their kids in separate schools and neighborhoods.

Lisa is Asha’s great granddaughter. She received Asha’s letter, which has been passed down to the youngest daughter in each generation. Nobody really payed attention to the letter, since after Asha’s death Thatcher taught his kids that she was crazy and shouldn’t be payed attention to. Lisa gave Beverly and Diana the letter since Mae was the youngest and only daughter in their nest. and was also eager to get rid of the tradition.