New characters! I’m working on expanding the other three species.

Stradda is the receptionist of the secret Kameshi village, she greets newcomers and shows them around. She’s married to Petal! She was the one who birthed their litter.

Petal is the mayor of the secret Kameshi village. She holds the belief that part of the reason the old Kameshi kingdom fell was because only men were rulers, so she says that it’s time a woman takes the reigns. Her dress is a recreation of a faded tapestry from the old kingdom that she keeps in her office. She’s a very tough fighter and is distrusting of other species. She wants to protect the village by keeping it a secret from outsiders and the other species.

Dandelion, Star, and Comet are Stradda and Petal’s three babies.

Speckle used to appear in magazines, but is now a worker at the community pantry for the Kitsuga. She packs prey that hunters bring in and store them. She has a daughter from a one-night stand, and is currently dating Eden.

Eden is Speckle’s girlfriend. She came out of her cocoon with crippled wings and had to have them amputated when she was younger. Because of her lack of wings, she can wear clothes that fully wrap around her back and doesn’t have to worry about them restricting her flight. She’s a fashion designer who’s very interested in Seiki fashion. She wears dresses, socks, shoes, and other pieces of Seiki fashion that are uncommon for the Kitsuga.

Wind is a 15 year old Kameshi whom Bel found in the forest. He was the one who informed Bel and Scamp about the secret village and brought them there. He’s trans, and is on his own searching for the village so that he can have help finishing his transition. Living alone in the forest it’s hard to have everything necessary for that. He chose his name “Wind” because he has the special skill to predict the weather and the ferocity of storms.

Garden is  a 14 year old Kameshi, and the son of the secret village’s main guard. He was given his own farm and spends most of his time cultivating crops for the village. He’s Wind’s romantic interest, and has mutual feelings for him as well. They spend a lot of time in his field together.

Valor is a low-level Hachitsu knight. He’s very interested in the past of his kingdom, back when their government was a monarchy. The knight system was one of the few elements of the old government that stuck around once they switched to a democracy, which is why he wanted to become a knight! He’s trans, and was born with the queen gene, a gene that only those born female present. His large size helps him be a strong force. He helped Mae meet with Charlotte when she first came to the Hachitsu kingdom.