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Worn Down Hachitsu City


More visualization practice! Here’s a rundown downtown area in the Hachitsu kingdom. Architecture in this kingdom is mainly made of wood, and buildings are stacked on top of each other with boardwalks. Both Sasha and Cecilia are in this picture!

Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 14


Quinn is a chimera hachitsu! He used to be a drug runner but got out of it and is now trying to build a good life with his girlfriend, Sasha.

Sasha is a friend of Cecelia’s who also works at The Honey Pot. She’s rather timid and anxious from being treated badly in the past, but she’s happy with Quinn. Unfortunately, her anxiety got her into a bad situation when her babies hatched.

Cookie, Chip, Pie, Pancake, Dough, Muffin, Sprinkle, Cocoa, Jelly, and Cream are Quinn and Sasha’s new babies.

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