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Bob – The Hachitsu that run The Honey Pot. He’s very short, shorter than all the girls that work there. Contrary to what one might expect, he treats his employees well, and does his best to ensure that security is tight. When he found out what happened to Sasha, he was enraged and started looking for who did it.

Grace – Verity’s older twin sister. She is often out exploring the forest away from her kingdom, so she was caught in the middle of Ruben’s plague alone, which is how she got her scars. She’s resilient and much louder than her sister. Grace returned home as soon as she could after the plague, and upon finding out that Clay was dead she decided to stay with her sister and support her during her grieving. As of now, she’s one of the few people that’s giving Verity a reason to wake up every day.

Love – Verity and Grace’s mother. She obtained her scars during the plague, but managed to stay relatively safe with her husband Squirrel.

Squirrel – Grace and Verity’s father. He’s spry and still relatively nimble. He loves to crack jokes and see his daughters smile. His scars were obtained during the plague as well.

Kitty – The first schoolteacher in the Secret Village. She eventually met her partner in the village and married him, and is now expecting his kids.

Raphael – a royal guard that works as a blacksmith. Noble knew him as a guard, but after having to spend some time with him while he fixed up Noble’s signature sabre, Noble started to crush on him. However, Raphael quickly dashed his hopes after revealing he had just proposed to his girlfriend.

Nevin – Nevin is an older royal guard, who is at the commander rank. He always took notice of Noble as he grew up and climbed the ranks, taking on somewhat of a father/mentor-like role for him. However, Nevin is noticeably closed-minded and openly aggressive. He believes that force is the best way to protect the kingdom, and often is violent during arrests. He doesn’t take criticism well, and while Noble was grateful for his admiration, he was always nervous being around him. Nevin was one of the two guards that led the investigation to find Jasmine’s missing eggs with Noble. During this crisis, Nevin revealed his deep-seated homophobia, and went as far as to hurt Linus during his arrest and was the one who dealt the punishment of being beaten. When Noble was outted as gay, Nevin was disgusted and let him know he no longer wanted anything to do with him.

Sky – Sky is a young guard who had just reached regular rank. After Noble was outted, Sky approached him in private and came out to him. He said that he was always afraid to, but knowing that Noble was gay as well made him feel safer.

Finch – Finch is a royal guard in the commander rank. He believes in being friends with his men as a method of leadership. Despite his jolly disposition, he is rather fierce in the battlefield, excelling at speed and flying. He is a strong lawful good, upholding the law despite moral implications or bias. He believes in doing good but also has subconscious bias against both gay Seiki and lower-class Seiki. He is uncomfortable when Noble is outted. He was the other commander that worked with Noble on the missing eggs case.