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(Also drawn back in June.) A short comic exploring Dolly’s abrupt and rough transition into motherhood. The rapid change in her body, her schedule, and her responsibilities put so much pressure on her to the point where she could barely handle it. Accepting help was difficult for her because when she couldn’t do things on her own she felt so guilty and helpless. But things don’t stay this way forever! As she is able to open up more with Anthony’s support their lives begin to get easier.

Dolly’s Kids Updated Ref


Further concept art for Dolly and Anthony’s kids.

I made an updated, more detailed ref for Dolly’s kids! They aren’t big characters by any means but I’ve been drawing them more recently in my own time, so I thought it’d be helpful to finally cement their designs and personalities. They’re just babies in the main story, but in the post-story they’re 2 years old and have little outfits Dolly made for them…

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