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TW for death and (unrelated) brief mention of abuse


Thistle – Sasha’s abusive ex-boyfriend. He’s a member of the Scarlet Wasps, a vicious gang that runs the underworld of the Hachitsu kingdom. Thistle was the one that sent Wilder after Sasha to hurt her.

Sycamore – Garden’s father. Sycamore is a single father doing his best to both raise his son and protect the Secret Village. He came to the village seeking refuge, founding it with Petal, after his wife was killed by a wild animal. He now works as the village’s knight, working to protect it from outsiders and any that would inflict harm.

Wayne – named after the shape of a waning moon, Wayne works tirelessly digging and chewing out new tunnels throughout his kingdom. His job requires a heavy set of gear that protect him from the debris and wearing down, which includes having his wings restricted. He has a biological daughter, Buttercup, as the result from a one-night stand with Speckle. While he is not a part of raising her, Buttercup frequently finds him wherever he happens to be and he does his best to be a good influence for her.

Buttercup – Speckle’s inquisitive daughter. Buttercup is the result of a one-night stand between Wayne and Speckle. She’s outgoing and bright-eyed, following those she admires around and asking them a million questions. She’s one of Sato’s closest friends. Despite him not being her accepted father, she often finds Wayne to spend time with him and talk his ears off about whatever is currently interesting her.

Tuft (Older) – This is how Tuft looks at her current age; older but still graceful as ever. She currently resides in the Secret Village with her granddaughter Butterly. Her daughter and son-in-law were killed out in the forest, resulting in Tuft taking up the care of her granddaughter. She, like many other residents, came to the Secret Village to seek safety after losing family.

Butterfly – Butterfly is Tuft’s granddaughter. She’s springy and lean, and very fast. She enjoys studying the world around her and is eager to learn. Bel immediately took a liking to her when he finally met her, basically adopting her as his granddaughter as well.

Tombo – Marvin’s oldest sibling! Tombo tends to talk big game about himself, but in reality he’s just a newspaper deliveryman who happens to own a nice bike. When he’s not bragging about him and his cool bike, he’s often goofing off with his friends and making sure his hair is perfect.

Digger – Marvin’s second oldest sibling. He works at Pizza Queen, a fairly common fast food place in the Hachitsu kingdom. He’s constantly picking up more shifts to try and help support his parents, but it wears down on him both physically and mentally. His fur is almost always messy and he’s always tired. He’s a bit depressed, but he appreciates when his siblings visit him and enjoys Marvin’s company.

Nancy – Marvin’s fifth oldest sibling. She works as a cashier at their local grocery store. She likes to dress up, but can’t afford too many clothes. She parades around what she claims is a designer purse, despite it being a cheap knockoff. She prefers to work all day with the reward of having a little but of extra money to spend when she’s out with her friends.

Chase – Marvin’s third oldest sibling. Chase works in a factory, which unfortunately leaves him riddles with small burns and injuries. He’s pretty crabby most of the time, due to overworking, but also because he thinks his siblings don’t do enough to support their parents, especially Marvin.

Kinder – Marvin’s sixth oldest sibling. Kinder is runs a daycare worker with his husband and adopted son. He’s very sweet, and absolutely loves kids, getting along great with them. He’s patient and kind; everything you need in a teacher. He enjoys when Marvin visits and often asks if he’s doing alright. He and his husband take in the children that are recovered from the Scarlet Wasps’ illegal ring.

Dominic – Marvin’s seventh oldest sibling. Dominic is a barber who often gets sucked into his work and loses track of time. He’s lovesick, always yearning for a woman to date but seemingly never able to find one. While he enjoys his job, he does wish he was paid more.

Pearl – Marvin’s eighth oldest sibling. Pearl is a waitress, and she dislikes both her job and her customers. She finds her siblings annoying and would rather spend her time alone. She only works because it’s necessary and because of the pressure from her parents, she’d jump at any chance for a day off. She tries to keep her customer service smile, but every once in a while she slips and snaps at people.

Echo – Marvin’s second youngest sibling. Echo works with his brother Digger at the local Pizza Queen, being the delivery driver. He admires all of his older siblings, including Marvin, and is always happy to see him. He often sticks close to Digger’s side. He usually is pretty upbeat and tends to think optimistically about his situation.

Hope – Marvin’s youngest sibling. Hope works at a salon doing manicures and pedicures for a living. She likes her job, but is pretty shy and dislikes confrontation. She’s quiet and sweet, and tries to mind her own business and stay out of trouble. If you ask her for makeup advice though, she’d love to give you some tips.

Abigael – Abigael is Scamp’s late mother. She was a strong presence for her kids, often going out under the cover of darkness with her cloak to gather and hunt food. She absolutely loved her children, and fought till the moment of her death to protect them.

Scout – Scamp’s late father. He is blind in his left eye due do an animal attack. He guarded the den, taking turns with his partner to leave and gather resources. He’s a strong fighter despite his thin frame, and managed to deal a good amount of damage to the animal that attacked his family before it killed him.

Blizzard, Georgia, and Ruby – Scamp’s siblings. Scamp was the runt out of the four, but that didn’t stop them from play fighting with her and running around their den. They always enjoyed roughhousing and playfully nipping each other. During the attack that killed her family, the animal crawled into the den to eat the rest of them. The four scrambled to the back of the cave where there was a small crack. Being the runt, Scamp was the only one that could fit inside. The other three, unable to get to safety, were killed.