Ridge is part of the Special Aphid unit. This unit specializes in training aphids for work, specifically for law enforcement. Ridge is known as one of the best trainers out there, having trained his aphids to track scents very well. He also has abnormally sensitive antennae, which allows him to track scents even better than a regular seiki could.

Peanut and Wolf are Ridge’s two aphids.

Wilder is a member of the gang, and is the one Sasha’s ex sent in to hurt her.

Daphne is Marvin, Pam, and Cece’s ancestor! She was the one that ran the Buzzy Bee Inn back when Ruben and Asha stayed there.

Eucera is Charlotte’s favorite guard bee. Bombus, Apis, and Xylo were also her other guard bees. Sadly, they all passed away while defending Charlotte from wasps that were taken over by Ruben’s plague.

Mega, Osmia, Hali, Colletes, and Meli are baby bees, and Eucera’s offspring. They are being raised by Charlotte.