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Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 13


New characters and designs!!

The first two are Beverly and Diana when they were in high


Kafi is a castle maid that Cedar had a brief relationship with. She left him because he was mean, and he fired her.

Reddy and Pippi are class pets that Joel and Jeremiah had in their elementary school, but they didn’t stick around too long.

Designs for the current royal family as babies.

Cedar and Kafi


Prince Cedar and Kafi… Kafi was a castle maid, and Cedar ended up having a short and secret relationship with her. Their relationship shouldn’t have been happening because she essentially worked for him, and Cedar isn’t exactly known for being nice. He’s mean and selfish, and Kafi quickly realized she didn’t want to be around him. He ended up firing her and covering it up, his first government scandal. The guilt weighed down on him for a while, but he didn’t end up changing his ways.

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