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Interview with Jasmine (video)


CW: Explicit Language, Mention of Death/Child Death, Blood, Flashing Lights

Here it is! I spent many late nights working on this, it was my media practices final! I really worked hard with editing here. This is an adaptation of a story I have already written. Jasmine, a model/celebrity had her nest of eggs stolen one night. It was found later, but only three of the six eggs had survived. The kidnappers were a young gay couple, and Jasmine used this experience to justify homophobia. This film takes place after the event, where she reluctantly agreed to do an interview about it before her husband gets fed up with the questions and kicks him out. The interviewer tries to spin the story against her, and while Jasmine isn’t a perfect person, the situation is more nuanced than that.

Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 16


New Kingdoms of Seasons designs!

Chickpea is President Charlotte’s personal assistant! Well, more like her bee caretaker. She’s left in charge of Charlotte’s beloved pet bees whenever she’s out of the house.

Adam was one of Dolly’s previous high school boyfriends. He’s the captain of the school flight team, hence his jacket, and he’s pretty popular. Him and Dolly were a well-known couple at the time due to both of their statuses. However, he spread a rumor around that he had slept with Dolly when they didn’t. Dolly broke up with him for it, and then discovered that he had cheated on her by sleeping with her sister, Lacey.

Anne, Alice, and Anastasia are Jasmine and Carnegie’s three daughters at their current age.

Lacey is in her new outfit for her character arc.

Jasmine is Beverly’s mother, and Ignus is her father. They are both temple workers. Berry, Darling, Trisha, Miko, and Lucas are Beverly’s siblings. Lucas was the one she was closest with growing up.

Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 13


New characters and designs!!

The first two are Beverly and Diana when they were in high


Kafi is a castle maid that Cedar had a brief relationship with. She left him because he was mean, and he fired her.

Reddy and Pippi are class pets that Joel and Jeremiah had in their elementary school, but they didn’t stick around too long.

Designs for the current royal family as babies.

The Queen and her Siblings


Concept art of Dahlia and her siblings, Jasmine, Cedar, and Yarrow.

I was thinking about what the Queen’s family was like, so I made some designs! Outside of whoever’s currently ruling, the princes and princesses aren’t necessarily involved in the government unless they choose to be. Usually they stay outside of politics and are just celebrities. I’m also planning on writing a chapter where Jasmine is a big character in it…

The current reigning queen of the seiki is Dahlia. She’s ruling because she’s the oldest girl in her family. The throne in this kingdom always goes to the oldest female. If something happens to Dahlia and she has no daughters, then Jasmine would be next in line to rule. In the current time, Dahlia has no children and no partner. She’s been in rule since she was rather young, and since before Mae was born. She’s very strict and regal, and can be rather manipulative to get her way (which is how she sent Mae out on her journey). She’s very close with Noble and often spars him in her free time.

Jasmine is the second oldest, and next in line to rule the kingdom. She’s a model, working with fashion designers and is the topic of many magazines. She’s married to another celebrity, a popular jazz musician. She and her husband had a nest of eggs, but it was kidnapped, and the royal guards could only find and return three of them. Dolly really looks up to Jasmine and wants to be able to design for her one day.

Cedar is the only one of his siblings besides Dahlia to stay in government. He’s the chief of economics, and worked his way up in the government from since he was little. He’s quite stern and critical, and doesn’t play around. He takes his job seriously and stays quiet, working to make his kingdom better.

Yarrow is the youngest of his litter. He’s very charismatic and loves to joke around. He’s a cook and a famous food critic, and despite being very amiable, can be quite honest and harsh with his reviews. Beverly looks up to him and dreams of being able to cook for him.

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