Recent Kingdoms of Seasons Designs! I have descriptions for each of them.

Jack – A boy who relentlessly picked on Mae throughout middle school and high school, going so far as to steal her scarf at one point. He once challenged her to a flight race, where she beat him.

Unnamed Son 1 & 2 – Only appear once briefly, the two sons that Mae and Joel lost.

Scamp – A very young Kameshi girl, around 4 or 5. Bel found her alone in a den and took her in. Her family was killed in some sort of scuffle with a wild animal, but she has memory loss and doesn’t remember what happened. She’s been alone for such a long time that she doesn’t know how to properly speak, so she often is silent, only repeating one or two words she hears from the people around her. She’s very playful and loves to help Bel find his treasure by running over to anything shiny she sees. Bel named her Scamp after calling her by that nickname for a while; it eventually just stuck.

Freesia – The previous queen, and the mother of Dahlia, Jasmine, Cedar, and Yarrow. She suffers from a horrible genetic disease that skips a generation. The disease causes her antennae and tail to harden and slowly chip away, leading to sensory damage such as loss of smell and hearing, and can lead to seizures once it progresses far enough. She was queen for a very short amount of time, and only had brothers, meaning there was no one to take her place when she died. She had her children in a hurry for the sole purpose of having an heir, and passed away when Dahlia turned 19.

River – Dahlia, Jasmine, Cedar, and Yarrow’s father, and head of the Seiki mail system.

Valentine – Owner of a card company, and one of Dahlia’s suitors.

Moon – A very arrogant actor, and one of Dahlia’s suitors. He’s a celebrity, famous for starring in popular plays.

Francis – A field researcher, and one of Dahlia’s suitors. He is passionate about his work and is often down in the dirt collecting samples of flora within the kingdom.

Vincent – A high-end doctor, and one f Dahlia’s suitors (He’s also Dolly and Anthony’s doctor). He cares deeply about his work, not necessarily for the aspect of helping others but because of the technical aspects and that he knows he’s god at it. He exclusively works with those that can afford his high price, which is another large part of why he likes his job. Other Seiki find him very handsome, so sometimes he’s called over by girls who just want to flirt with him, which he absolutely hates.