Another round of designs!

Andrea was Anthony’s high school girlfriend, and his only girlfriend before Dolly. They met because he tutored her in math, but she eventually broke up with him which hit him hard at his age.

Orchid was Freesia’s nurse and attendant, and the one who told River to leave the castle.

Jimmy was River’s coworker and apprentice, working as a mailman.

Fiona is Dahlia’s attendant.

Branch is Soot’s husband.

Cecilia is Marvin and Pamela’s younger sister and a dancer at The Honey Pot.

Fudge is a girl Jeremiah was with for a very brief time after he graduated.

Lorelai is Amber’s daughter, and Mae’s great-grandmother.

Tiffany is Lisa’s mother, and Mae’s grandmother.

Basil, Clove, Violet, Sakura, Elm, and Holly are Dahlia and Vincent’s upcoming kids.