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Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 18


More designs! Here they are in order:

Tuft was Bel’s lover from when he was a young man. He was courting her for marriage at the time, but their tiny village was attacked by animals and they were separated.

Next is Bel’s design from when he was young!

Then, Dolly’s updated design from when she was pregnant, I scrapped the old one.

Cindell without her dress, showing her “birthmark” that was actually inflicted by Silvanna the night she hatched.

Noble showing the placement of his scars.

Amber, Asha’s youngest daughter, fully grown and in her ballet uniform. She became a famous ballet dancer after Asha died.

Emanuel is Amber’s husband.

Rosemary is a new waitress at a bar Jeremiah frequents. She’s pretty, but certainly spells trouble…

Gale is Joel’s boss. She owns the small publishing firm he works at. She’s middle-aged, pretty deadpan, and not a fan of children.

Ford is Linus’s ex-boyfriend.

Blossom is one of Soot and Branch’s daughters and one of Sato’s close friends. She is trans.

David is the father of Lacey’s kids. They met through Ms. Matchmaker’s “Matchmaking Program,” where he understood that Lacey only wanted to meet someone to help her have kids rather than have a relationship. The two ended up being friends with benefits and trust each other deeply. David has romantic feelings for Lacey, and deep down, Lacey returns them.

Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Mulberry are Lacey’s 5 babies! They were born prematurely and need special care.

About Dolly


Concept art of Dolly.

Some more about Dolly and her background:

Dolly is the oldest of five daughters in a rich family. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the best parents. Her mother is very attention seeking, and clearly only married her father for his wealth. Both of their parents are almost never around; her father is either off working or in his study, or her mother is off who knows where, usually with other guys. This meant that she and her sisters were left to run wild growing up, and instead of actual parenting, they’d just give them an allowance and let them do what they want. 

Their mother constantly feeds her daughters terrible advice about boys, telling them that their biggest achievement should be marrying somebody rich, or that they should be submissive and not work for themselves. This thinking has gotten her daughters into bad situations before, and it never sat right with Dolly. Since middle school she’d go through many boyfriends, but would inevitably dump them once they tried to take advantage of her, which would happen often. Trying to follow her mother’s advice got her into relationships she wasn’t happy with, and it took finally moving out and getting away from her mom to start to express herself the way she wants to. Dolly’s mother favors her over her sisters since she looks the most like her, which makes her sisters, especially Cindell, the second oldest, start to hate her. She’d often make a point of saying she’s more beautiful than her sisters, or actually take time to chat with he briefly, which always made Dolly feel uncomfortable. Her sisters hated it because their mother was almost never around, but when she was she only seemed to pay attention to Dolly. The five of them used to share a room, but eventually they forced Dolly out to get her own room because the hostility between them was so high. Dolly’s father wasn’t the best, either. He never pays attention to his daughters or his wife, and never bothers to check where they’re going or what they’re up to. Dolly and her sisters would sometimes act out just to try and get their parents’ attention, but they were just briefly acknowledged and never punished.

Dolly is a seamstress! Her pink dress was the first real dress she made in high school, and she’s been wearing it ever since. Her dream is to open a boutique, but she wouldn’t do it because of how her mother taught her that having a job can be intimidating to men. After being in a healthy relationship with Anthony for a long time, she had finally shaken off that ideology and opened her boutique.

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