New Kingdoms of Seasons designs!

Chickpea is President Charlotte’s personal assistant! Well, more like her bee caretaker. She’s left in charge of Charlotte’s beloved pet bees whenever she’s out of the house.

Adam was one of Dolly’s previous high school boyfriends. He’s the captain of the school flight team, hence his jacket, and he’s pretty popular. Him and Dolly were a well-known couple at the time due to both of their statuses. However, he spread a rumor around that he had slept with Dolly when they didn’t. Dolly broke up with him for it, and then discovered that he had cheated on her by sleeping with her sister, Lacey.

Anne, Alice, and Anastasia are Jasmine and Carnegie’s three daughters at their current age.

Lacey is in her new outfit for her character arc.

Jasmine is Beverly’s mother, and Ignus is her father. They are both temple workers. Berry, Darling, Trisha, Miko, and Lucas are Beverly’s siblings. Lucas was the one she was closest with growing up.