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Kingdoms of Seasons Designs 20


Finally, more Kingdoms of Seasons designs!! I got a lot of em’ coming!

Inui – A single mother of two who goes to the same mom group as Joel. Being the only man in the group, Inui mistakenly assumed that he was also a single dad, and developed a crush on him. She’s very soft-spoken and polite.

Ai – Inui’s daughter

Shin – Inui’s son

Dahlia (Scar) – This shows Dahlia’s giant scar, one that ranges from her chest across her stomach reaching down to her waist. She got this from the Ruben’s plague, when the infected bug Mae was holding leaped out her hands and attacked her. Dahlia doesn’t hide her scar, she wears it as a symbol of the lengths she’d go to to serve her kingdom.

Carnation – Freesia’s mother. Carnation was rather elitist and didn’t interact with her children much. She had her kids out of necessity, but Freesia was the only daughter and was terminally ill. Carnation assured her daughter that she would outlive her and Freesia wouldn’t need to become queen. However, Carnation was cheating on her husband, Leopold, with one of the castle chefs, Syrup. This caused her to become pregnant with Syrup’s kids. Carnation convinced Leopold that they were his, and that they would provide an heir other than Freesia. When they were born, her babies were born with lower class traits and very clearly were not his. This caused a huge argument between the two, and the castle fell into chaos. Castle staff was panicked about the queen having lower class offspring, and kept the information out of the public eye. During the night, Leopold convinced the staff to take the babies and get rid of them. Carnation caught them in the act, and a chase down the giant castle staircase ensued. Carnation fought to grab her kids back, but during the struggle she tipped over the edge, falling off the staircase, taking her kids with her. None of them survived the fall. With the death of the queen, Freesia was then required to take the crown at a young age. Leopold quietly resigned afterwards, and the public was led to believe that Carnation died falling down the stairs as an accident while she was still pregnant.

Leopold – Was the king, married to Queen Carnation. He’s rather stoic and just as elitist as his wife. He ordered the staff to get rid of Carnation’s illegitimate children, and resigned after her death.

Syrup – One of the top chefs who worked in the castle when Carnation was queen. He worked his way up the ranks with his skill, despite being lower-class. He’s suave and does what he wants, which includes having an affair with the queen herself. He didn’t exactly love her, so when Carnation’s babies hatched, he had already silently resigned by the time she went to confront him.

Bramble, Juniper, Azalea, Balsam, and Lotus – Freesia’s half-siblings, and the products of an affair between Queen Carnation and Syrup.

Vimal – Marvin’s father. Vimal works in public sanitation, cleaning up the streets of his neighborhood. Unfortunately, a work accident left him crippled and unable to return to his job. He and his wife Sugar could not afford the medical costs, so they turned to get a loan from an establishment that ended up being a front for the gang the Scarlet Wasps. Now, owing money to both the gang and barely able to pay off rent for their house, his family is stuck within a huge financial crisis. His children work to make money to not only support themselves but to help pay off their massive debt. Vimal is pretty serious personality-wise, believing that his job was to put food on the table rather than be there emotionally for his kids. He is proud of them, at least, most of them. He is disappointed in Marvin for not having a “real” job.

Sugar – Marvin’s mother. She works as a receptionist at a medical clinic. She’s nice enough, but is often stressed with her job, checking in with her kids, taking care of her injured husband, and paying off her crippling debt.

Seed – The leader of the Fruit Brigade! The Fruit Brigade is a team made up of three hachisu and two kitsuga, who formed a team shortly after the Seiki Kingdom opened their borders. Their goal is to travel around the forest and harvest fruits from trees and bushes that cannot grow within the confines of their kingdoms. They haul their produce back to each kingdom and sell them. Seed is the creator of the group, and the most ambitious and passionate. He’s not the brightest bulb, often getting himself into precarious situations that require rescue. He has strong feelings for Sunflower, but doesn’t believe she returns them.

Sunflower – The second-hand woman in the Fruit Brigade. She helps make plans and works with Seed to lead the group. She’s a bit of a dimwit, her plans don’t necessarily work half the time, but she’s always happy to lend a hand! She get’s flustered very easily, especially around Seed. She has feelings for him, but doesn’t think he returns them.

Pad – The tech guy in the Fruit Brigade. His giant backpack hold a number of tools, ranging from saws to wrenches to his homemade patent-pending claw machine. He uses the claw to grab fruits and break them away from branches. He’s smart and resourceful!

Bump – Pad’s friend, and the tech assistant in the Fruit Brigade. She’s always upbeat, but is always serious about her work. She helps Pad operate his machinery, and often is the one to cut down fruit herself. Unlike most Hachitsu, she is not afraid of falling from high places.

Bunny – The muscle of the Fruit Brigade. He’s strong and quiet, but that doesn’t mean he’s not smart! He seems to always know what to do when Seed gets himself into trouble and always comes to his aid. He’s a strong flyer and a fast runner. The safety of his friends is what’s most important to him.

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