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(Also drawn back in June.) A short comic exploring Dolly’s abrupt and rough transition into motherhood. The rapid change in her body, her schedule, and her responsibilities put so much pressure on her to the point where she could barely handle it. Accepting help was difficult for her because when she couldn’t do things on her own she felt so guilty and helpless. But things don’t stay this way forever! As she is able to open up more with Anthony’s support their lives begin to get easier.

Maps from Mae and the Kingdoms of Seasons


For a recent school project we had to make a book, so I made a collection of maps and floor plans from Kingdoms of Seasons! Each map has an explanation to go with it as to how it’s unique and how they reflect each character.

You can find the PDF here. It’s 22 pages!

Birth and Death


When I first started working on my “Birth and Death” topic, I realized that my pregnant characters didn’t look very varied. So I attempted to make refs in which they each looked different, while sprinkling in biology and character development as well! I was making one for Lacey as well, where I was explaining her complications and surgeries her and her eggs went through. I may finish it one day!

Dolly’s ref! And a bit about her and Anthony accepting parenthood.



When Anthony was a baby he’d call Noble “Nibble” because he couldn’t pronounce his name right.

Anthony – Lipsync + Secondary Action Practice (video)


I’ve been trying to get the hang of secondary action and somehow animating a character singing/talking despite not having a mouth, so this is practice for that! The shots aren’t fully finished, this is as far as I got. The flowers were SUPER hard to animate for some reason, so they look super wonky. I would love advice! My specific questions are; how did I do with this ‘lipsync?’ How can I improve? How can I make a character coming to a stop look more natural instead of freezing like this? The context for this: Anthony sits outside of his newly set up nursery as he happily thinks about how he’s going to be a father.

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