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Asha’s Lineage


The story of Asha’s lineage told in a piece! It’s meant to work in somewhat of a circle. It starts in the top left with Asha and Ruben, then moves to Asha and Thatcher, then the line of her youngest daughters. Each of the youngest daughters are holding the letter Asha passed down to them, but you can see by their facial expressions that they’re unhappy about it, showing that Asha’s presence in her family is waning. It moves to Tate and Lisa, Mae’s biological family, and finally at the bottom right Mae is being adopted out to Beverly and Diana. In the foreground is Mae as she is now! Growing up and on her journey. Asha, as a ghost, is watching her, which connects it back to the beginning. The flowers in the background are delphinium, the flower Seiki use to decorate on The Holiday.

Asha’s Kids Grown Up


I drew Asha and Thatcher’s kids grown up! Mainly just because I felt like making some designs for fun. They were four when Asha died, and Thatcher raised them telling them that she died because she was selfish and didn’t want to take care of them. They all grew up resenting her because of this, and took on some of Thatcher’s manipulative personality. Timber is wearing the same ascot as his dad and probably looks up to him a lot. Amber, however, is the most soft-spoken of the four and since she was the youngest daughter, she was the first to receive Asha’s letter.

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