Jerry is a tall orange Seiki with pale yellow eyes and yellow antennae and tail.

     Jerry has a jolly personality, and has always been the class clown type since he was young, and loved to make others laugh and smile. He especially would try his jokes out on his mother, Pumpkin.


     Jerry was born to Pumpkin and Ross on May 26 alongside Noble, Russel, and Logan, him being the third oldest. His joking personality led him to doing stand-up and eventually becoming a famous comedian. Jerry is considered one of Pumpkin and Ross’s well-known five successful sons.

     Jerry is a part of his parents’ first litter. A few years later he became an older brother to their second litter, consisting of Patricia, Anthony, Petunia, Talia, and Maebe.



     Alongside his other brothers, Jerry often teased and picked on Anthony for being the youngest son, treating him like a baby and making fun of his lack of knowledge about girls.



  • Jerry was created as a joke/reference when Anthony and Noble’s family needed to be fleshed out. It was suggested that Jerry Seinfeld was drawn as a Kingdoms of Seasons character, so Jerry was designed wearing the signature puffy shirt, and the design ended up being used as one of the brothers. Jerry’s occupation as a comedian is a further reference to the joke.