Ruben is a short dusty orange Seiki with dusty yellow antennae and dark red eyes. Ruben wears a long and flat light blue scarf which he often to hide his face when he is feeling emotionally overwhelmed or is experiencing sensory overload.


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Character Songs

A character song is a song that fits a character or has inspired aspects of the character and their story



  • Death Bed – Powfu, About how Ruben realizes he missed out on the rest of his entire life, and that Asha has been dead for centuries.
  • Pearl Diver – Mitski, About how Ruben is struggling to regain his memories as he delves deeper into his plague infection.


  • Ruben originally was just going to be his cockroach design and would’ve been a fifth species of forest spirit, but he was changed to a Seiki to become a better foil for Mae. His entire story was then rewritten from there.
  • Ruben’s scarf is meant to make him closer to Mae in design. Both of them use their scarves for emotional security.